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No. Keep shopping.

We are fully operational and delivering orders as usual amidst the Corona Virus Pandemic , We will be closed on weekends till further notice.

Safety Signs for COVID19, Prevention Awareness Signs

COVID Safety Sign Banner

Buy Safety Signs for prevention awareness which are absolutely vital for public places, retail shops, office spaces, supermarkets and especially pharmacies. These signs can be placed in playgrounds, parks, schools, hospital, doctors surgeries and in general anywhere to spread the awareness.

We have a civil responsibility as employers, and community members on each other to make provisions and awareness for our employees, family members and fellow citizens a duty of responsibility and health awareness.

We have put together many different signs which can be used in different locations and purposed to suit any location. The designs are free of cost, if you need to make any amendments to these signs, or add any specific text or images, feel free to reach out to our design team for free design changes for Cornovirus COVID19 safety signs.



We have 4 different varieties of signs available:

  1. Sticker signs,
  2. 3mm PVC foam board signs,
  3. PVC Banner signs, and
  4. Banner Stands. 

Adhesive Sticker COVID Coronavirus Safety Signs

The COVID19 sticker signs can easily be stuck to widows, retail shop windows, bus stops, bus signage, and generally any flat surface. The ideal place would be put these stickers on all retail entrance doors as well as offices, pharmacies, hospitals, schools and entry and exit points. Pre-designed Corona Virus Stickers can be found here

3mm PVC Foam Board COVID Coronavirus Safety Signs

These signs are better suited for signs to be ready at a points within a building on on exterior walls near entrances and exits. These signs can be used near toilets, public WC’s and can also be attached to fences. These safety signs are rigid and are suitable for use for between 6-12 months. The Safety Sign Boards can be found here

PVC Banner COVID Corona Virus Awareness Signs

These banners are perfect for prevention and awareness, best suited for placing in playgrounds, large fences, public places for general awareness. These signs can be put up outside hospitals, schools, major road junctions, shopping malls and construction sites. These are great for viewing at a distance, and are very effective to get the awareness signs maximum eye balls.

Banner Stands COVID Corona-virus Prevention Signs

These banner stands are vital for all small and large retail shops, pharmacies, reception areas, takeaways and anywhere indoors where people could gather. These are compact in size, easy to assemble and do the job perfectly.

NHS Safety Signs NHS Awareness Sign Safety Sign Banners




COVID Safety Sign Banner Awareness and prevention banner

Safety Banner Sign Prevention banner sign COVID fence banner awareness sign Railing safety sign banners

To get the latest information about Corona Virus please visit the NHS page for recent updates.

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